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Eagle Swing is the best private golf simulator in Idaho

Eagle Swing is a private member golf simulator facility where you can “Hit your fores and move forward!”

Members are able to take full advantage of the most advanced golfing technology on the market anytime, day or night, rain or shine.

Memberships are limited, so join now!

Here at Eagle Swing our motto is, “Golf on your weekends, purposeful practice during the week.”.


Hi I’m Chris the founder of Eagle Swing.

I grew up in a world where sports and competition were life. I grew up playing soccer, baseball, football, basketball and golf with my grandpa. In high school, I found myself playing baseball as much as possible in Idaho weather, always looking for that edge to be better.  As a youth,  I soon learned that consistent practice is the key to a great game.

As an adult I joined the army, got married to a wonderful wife, obtained a Bachelor’s degree and am lucky enough to be a father.

I’ve fallen in love with what simulation can do. Not only is it affordable and accessible, but it allows me to improve upon my skills and discipline whenever I have the time, regardless of the hour or the weather.

Professional athletes both in the racing world and the golf world use simulators…But not just any simulators they use the best.  For golf that is Trackman.  Over 800 professional golfers use this tech to practice with and improve their game.

My brother introduced me back into golf and ever since using a simulator I have had a great desire to find a way to make this amazing technology affordable and accessible to the sporting community I’ve grown to love.  With some research and development, this has led to the creation of Eagle Swing.  Bringing the best technology in golf to a private space specifically designed for YOU the MEMBER.

Whether you’re a professional looking to fine tune your skills, an amateur seeking to improve, a beginner just starting out, or if you’re just looking for something to do together as a family, Eagle Swing is here to support you.

We are not a coach, but Tracy, Trackman’s AI system is able to pinpoint exactly what it is that you need to work on. No guessing what needs changed or what is a “good” number.  Tracy will let you know exactly what needs practiced and give you the data range that you need to be in. Trackman also provides numerous videos showing how to improve in specific areas that Tracy has identified.

Don’t worry, improving your golf game doesn’t always have to revolve around the nitty gritty numbers, you can also golf 18 holes on hundreds of the worlds best courses or challenge your friends and family to mini games such as bullseye, capture the flag and others all while still improving your game. 

Come visit us during our community hours to see what our facility has to offer you! Bring your buddies or your family and SIGN UP TODAY!

Who We Are

Eagle Swing is a member based, 24hr private golf simulator.  Featuring the best technology in golf with the Trackman 4. 

Play 18 holes on the world’s best courses, challenge friends and family to mini games like bullseye and capture the flag or get serious with Tracy AI and have focused practice sessions.


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